I was approached by Chris Sugden the Father of the Groom who was very professionally organising the wedding. Chris liked my black and white wedding photographs and he asked me if I could take candid shots in reportage style of his son Fraser's wedding, I gladly said yes, as that is exactly the style I feel myself home in. Lata and Fraser got married previously in Kathmandu, Nepal. I would have loved to photograph that wedding too, but what photographer would not.

Guests arrived from Nepal and a dozen other countries making the wedding truly international. Lata, in her modestly elegant wedding dress and delicate veil, looked like a fine brush stroke on the canvas. The warmness of the always smiling Nepalese guests and the friendliness of Fraser and his family ensured a relaxed atmosphere throughout the day. As per our arrangement, I was not there during preparations or after the dinner, but the few hours I have spent with Lata and Fraser left me with memories of strong commitment towards each other in their eyes.

Although. of course, the couple received colour images as well, this whole set is posted in black and white. Have you noticed that your memories are mostly recorded without colours? We tend to remember most things that happen, but we forget -if noticed at all details like colours. Similarly, when looking at black and white photographs, it is easy for us to decode, we don't need colours to understand them. Black and white photography concentrates on the essence. This is one of many reasons why it is still so important and popular.

Black and White Wedding Photography – Lata and Fraser

Wedding Ceremony: Marchmont St.Giles Church Edinburgh
Wedding Reception: Norton House Edinburgh