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Istvan is an Edinburgh based photographer documenting weddings and other life events.

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The Signet Library

As an Edinburgh wedding venue, not much compares to the Signet Library. Historically, this Georgian building was completed in 1822 for a visit by King George IV. The king at the time called it “the finest drawing room in Europe”. It remains so until today with its unparalleled architecture and...

Archerfield House

We continue with historically significant venues: Archerfield House was so named because King Edward I’s archers camped on the site of today’s estate in 1298. Archerfield House is renowned for offering both impressive castle-like settings and sumptuous outdoor areas. There is truly something at Archerfield House for everyone:...

Edinburgh Castle

What location could be more iconic, and more quintessentially Scottish than Edinburgh Castle? Protruding from the natural rock upon which it was built and historically significant, it’s the perfect venue for Scotland lovers and history buffs. Amidst this history is the daring re-capture of Edinburgh Castle by Robert the...

Mar Lodge Estate

A National Trust for Scotland venue, Mar Lodge Estate is the perfect place for couples seeking to capture wild Scotland. The Stag Ballroom is particularly popular for its display of some 2,500 antlers from as far back as Victorian times. There are several grand rooms in the lodge, as...

Carberry Tower

Just a few miles outside of Edinburgh lies Carberry Tower, nestled amidst the lush green East Lothian countryside. This exclusive-use venue is a popular one amidst both local and international couples. Being a luxurious Scottish Castle Hotel, it’s ideal for the bride and groom looking to really celebrate a...

Logie Country House

This beautiful Scottish venue dates back to the 1680s, when it was built as a Scottish Castle. In the over 120 years since, it’s grown to now accommodate 17 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms. It’s a spacious venue that can accommodate up to 160 guests for wedding meals in...

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