The best wedding photography trends for 2024

Whether you’ve just gotten engaged or are eagerly awaiting the day of your wedding - there’s one thing you’ll want to look into extensively: your wedding photography. After all is said and done, your wedding photos will be amongst the only things you keep forever.

The best wedding photography trends for 2024

Let’s face it, 20 years down the line nobody will want a piece of your wedding cake that’s been kept at the back of your freezer (I hope…) but they’ll still eagerly flip through the pictures of your big day.

So what do you need to look out for in 2024? What new trends are worth following, and which ones are you better off ditching when it comes to wedding photography.

Documentary wedding photos are a go

Ever been in those posed, dusty-looking wedding photos where everyone is forced to sidle in side by side? There’s always that one aunt who has to be right front and centre (looking at you, Mrs T.) They’re inevitably the photos you skip over when you show people your album, too.

Well good news: the days of the stages family photos are gone. It’s all about capturing relaxed, natural moments and intimate emotions now. You’ll be seeing candid photos of your gran’s glistening eyes as you walk down the aisle, belly-laughs at the best man’s speech, and more.

This style is known as documentary photography, and it truly is the best at capturing the magic of your big day. It’s all about highlighting the big and little emotions, and keeping those special memories vibrant for years to come.

Hiring a documentary style photographer will generally give you an added bonus: they like to stay invisible and take pictures without ‘posing’ you perfectly first. So you can go on enjoying your big day without having to awkwardly stand next to that aforementioned aunty.

Unplugged weddings and staying in the moment

2024 weddings are all about being ‘in the moment’ and unplugging from the world of social media. You’re encouraged to tell people to put away their phones as you say your I do’s and let the photographer do his work.

The idea behind this is that you don’t want to see a sea of phones in your shots, but also that people will be more present during your special day. If you’ve ever been to a concert and spent most of your time filming and photographing the band, only to realise later that you don’t remember a thing, you’ll know what I mean.

This wedding photography trend wants you to embrace celebrating one of the biggest days of your life, without feeling the need to capture every moment yourself. So pack away that phone, and tell everyone else to as well.

Instead, let your documentary photographer capture all the big and small moments, the emotional rollercoaster of the day, and the gorgeous details you’ve spent so long planning.

Wedding photos that go beyond your big day

You might wish to have engagement photos taken before your big day or… you could hire your wedding photographer to come back the day after. This trend is becoming increasingly popular due to the stresses and excitement that tend to, in some ways, overwhelm your wedding day.

Having a day-after shoot means you get to capture the details you might have forgotten about on the day. You could take some additional photos with friends and family, especially if they’ve travelled from afar.

If you hire a documentary-style wedding photographer, they can capture the happy, relaxed atmosphere of the next day. Perhaps plan a brunch with special friends and family, put on your wedding dress again, or go for an outfit change.

Enjoy some quiet moments with your new husband or wife, and capture that fresh new bliss found in being a new Mr and Mrs.

These new wedding photography trends are all about relaxed vibes and capturing what’s important: you as a couple, and your relationships with those around you. Hiring the right documentary photographer for your big day is vital.

Make sure you meet up with the photographer of your choice, speak to them, and decide just what’s most important for you. Great communication and a friendly face you can trust with those extra special photos is so important.

So when you look back at your wedding album in 20 years time, you’ll see all of the emotion of your big day and remember it in all its magic.