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Documentary Wedding Photographer

My name is Istvan and that is me on the picture above. Not the little boy pulling a silly face of course. I am the one holding the camera in the background. And with this I pretty much described my wedding photography style and explained what you can expect from me at your wedding.

I am a photographer who specialises in unobtrusive documentary photography in general and I work as a documentary wedding photographer. Born and raised in Hungary, I live in Edinburgh, UK with my wife and our four children.

My work as a documentary wedding photographer

As a documentary photographer I capture photos of people during real life events. Whether these are events of great significance or everyday occurrences I am equally interested as far as people are involved. I enjoy conserving real moments in an artistic form.

Weddings, being one of the most significant life events have a special place in my vision. I consider each wedding coverage as a complete documentary photography project. I love following the day from the preparations in the morning till the late night dance.

Documentary wedding photography celebrates life by telling the story in an unpretencious way. It is a seamless part of the wedding by capturing moments as they naturally happen. It tells the story in the artistic visual language of photography.

The wedding is about the bride and the groom who are having one of the most important days of their life together. I would like to let them enjoy their wedding to the fullest without interruption while I create the visual memories to treasure and cherish forever.

As a documentary wedding photographer I take photos that show your personalities and sum up what makes your day different. The natural uniquness that comes through genuine images will never lose the power to take you back to that personal moment.