Finding beauty in the details... with wedding stationery

Wedding planning can feel like one overwhelming ride. It’s no wonder that many couples get fed up and throw the smaller details of their big day to the wind. Yet it’s precisely those details that make your wedding day unique and special.

Finding beauty in the details... with wedding stationery
The 'Brig o' Doon' wedding invitation suite with matching plantable seed confetti

It's the little things that matter

I remember working hard on the planning of my wedding back in 2016/17. I think I started making lists the day after we got engaged. Funny enough, beyond picking our venue and my dress, all of the other big decisions seem kind of a blur now.

Making bespoke wedding stationery my business

What I remember well is the time I spent illustrating our beautiful venue Brig o’ Doon for our invitation suite. Or sewing birthstone gems for each woman in my family and bridal party onto my veil. I also remember one particularly clear, starry night at the rental cottage my parents were staying at: my best friend and I made little irn bru bbq sauce favours and just chatted and laughed all night. Those small details made all the difference. They’re the ones friends and family still speak about five years later.

wedding stationery design
Design by The Highland Literary Co., photo by Paul Walker Images

Fast Forward to early 2019, and I decided to make those small details my business. I created The Highland Literary Co. and started creating wedding invitation suites inspired by classic books for other couples. My magic power is the ability to both craft artwork and words, meaning the writing and design come together perfectly. (And if they don't, my stubborn streak means I keep working away until everything sparkles.)

Scottish wedding invitations and more

My business has now grown to a comfortable size: I craft a selection of wedding invitation suites, greeting cards, and write for a variety of - you guessed it - mostly wedding suppliers. I also help couples find the right wording for their invitations and orders of service. It all feels incredibly special to me. I own an old wedding album from when my grandparents were married in the 1940s and it still contains their invitation. So I’m well aware that these are things people keep forever.

Adding those perfect details to your wedding

Everybody is different; a bespoke invitation suite with handcrafted illustrations and wording might not be your cup of tea. And not everyone enjoys a veil with birthstones or irn bru bbq sauce (a family friend actually ate it as chocolate sauce. To this day I wonder what she had that with.) There are so many lovely options when it comes to small details to include in your wedding day:

Angelina Jolie famously had her children’s drawings embroidered on her veil. You might add a photo of a loved one who is no longer with you to a charm necklace. You could add flowers with special meaning to your bouquet. Or add a special national dish to your menu. At the end of the day, whether you choose to include lots of little details or just one or two - what you’ll remember in years to come is the love that went into them.