Gracie and Nicolas were preparing for their big official Paris wedding. Meantime they also had an Edinburgh wedding with close family members in the Lothian City Chambers. The ceremony and the informal family gathering in Restorante Ferrari in Bruntsfield went all in a very relaxed atmosphere. Although being my shortest wedding photography work so far with just over two hours of coverage, the various rooms and hallways with diverse light conditions still challenged me, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I chose to blog about this informal wedding in pure black and white. Of course, Gracie and Nicolas received colour photographs as well. A few notes on black and white photography in general: Monochrom images tend to show what happens rather than mediating some sort of mood generated by colours. I find it fascinating that if we observe our memories, we realise that we remember only a few colours if any. What we remember is what happened to us. We may colourise it based on our experience. Like grass may be green in our memories, because we know that grass is green. But we find that our memories focus on what we said or did. I think that the beauty and strength of black and white images lie in their ability to deal with the very essence of a story.

Edinburgh Wedding Photography – Gracie and Nicolas

Wedding Ceremony: Lothian Chambers, Edinburgh
Wedding Reception: Ristorante Ferrari, Edinburgh.

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