On our way of approaching Mar Lodge Estate, the remoteness of the Cairngorms soon became obvious when I had to stop the car and wait for the sheep to walk off the road. We drove through the clouds, with my wedding photographer friend the brilliant Nick Tucker whom I worked with as an additional photographer. We had interesting conversations about all things related to photography and we found many things common in our taste, approach and even habits.

The next morning during our quick visit to Crathie Kirk I had a lovely conversation -partially in Hungarian!- with the minister Reverend Kenneth Mackenzie who has spent 6 years in Hungary serving the Hungarian Congregation of the Church of Scotland. Another nice surprise was meeting Pete, Lianne's hairdresser, who has got Hungarian roots.

While Nick photographed Lianne getting ready, I spent time with Tim and his family. Taking photos of the ceremony in Crathie Kirk was special in a way, as I was not allowed to include any of the -empty and locked away- seats, which are used only by the Queen and the Royal Family when they are holidaying at nearby Balmoral Castle.

You may have seen a room with 10-12 stag skulls hanging on the wall. Multiply that number with 10 or 20 and that is still only a fracture of how many there are in Mar Lodge's Stag Ballroom. I leave the guessing to you but you are looking for a four-digit number. This room gave place for the candlelit dinner and the dance afterwards.

Lianne and Tim's warm and cheerful personality defined and wrapped the day in fluent elegance which I very much consider myself honoured to be a part of. The following pictures are a few of my favourites. Image quality is reduced for web display.

Wedding Photographer Scotland – Lianne and Tim

Groom Getting Ready: Mar Lodge Estate near Braemar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Wedding Ceremony: Crathie Kirk near Balmoral Castle

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