West Lothian Wedding Photography – Scottish Wedding at The Vu

The humanist wedding ceremony was very easy-going. The group shots afterwards faced a special challenge from chilly winds, which may have been difficult to work with but the photos benefited from this dynamism. Sunset delivered lovely lights, although Andrew's skills of reading the weather signs required to get to the pier on time.

Running around children and the action photographer always get each other's attention. This time I had a little volunteer assistant as well. He was even ready to swap his toy car for my camera. The offer was hard to refuse as it seemed to be an even bargain. I kept my camera though.

Being in the company of people who represent another culture is always fascinating and makes everything a bit special. I took photographs this time in The Vu in West Lothian as an additional photographer for the brilliant and super nice Andrew R. Moore. Not being the main photographer gave me a little bit more time to taste this little pinch of Sweden that Karina's family and friends added to the wedding.

West Lothian Wedding Photography – Karina and Andrew

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Wedding Ceremony and Reception: The Vu