Anita and Dan have been planning a laid-back wedding and they have chosen the photographer accordingly. They wanted wedding photography to be a seamless part of the day, which they wanted to enjoy freely. This kind of event needs a reportage wedding photographer. I can safely say, the day on which Anita and Dan got married was the sunniest and warmest day in Scotland so far in 2012. Spotless blue sky with the morning fog fading away and the temperature rising, a perfect start for the big day.

Carberry Tower is a historic house dating back to the 15th century. It is a lovely location. Traditional features and lots of characters in a tranquil and peaceful setting. As always, I arrived early to have time to look around. When I saw the surrounding parks and the rose garden, I instantly knew that the background for the photos was sorted. The wedding was very relaxed with a happy humanist ceremony and a friendly and informal reception. Flavoured with good humour to the dances. The guests made the rose garden their home and spent a lovely afternoon with a beautiful sunset in the green.

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