documentary wedding photography frequently asked questions

Wedding Photography FAQ

Top 10 questions

Are you available for our chosen date?

Trivial question, isn't it, not a classic for the FAQ page. The reason why I include it though is the importance of finding and contacting the wedding photographer of your choice in time. Dates get reserved typically a year or more in advance, so the sooner you get in touch, the more likely that the photographer whos work you like will be available.

How do we make a booking?

Firstly, please contact me to check if I am available for the date of your wedding. If I am, we can discuss your preferences and expectations. Once everything is clear, you can go ahead with the booking. Bookings are on a first come first served basis. Dates are only reserved if the booking fee has been received.

What are your prices and packages?

Please have a look at my wedding photography prices page to read more about my pricing. There are always great offers as well.

Do you take posed shots?

I am happy to accommodate a number of group shots as these are important documents from the wedding. Knowing though how much energy and time these can take from the couple and can break the flow of the day, I recommend that you keep the list down to under ten group shots. I like to keep the formal session, just like my whole workflow, as simple and straightforward as possible.

Can we print the photos?

Yes, you can freely print your own photographs without limitation. I only ask that they are not given to other suppliers for advertising purposes, and that they are not sold for financial profit.

What will the ratio be between colour and black and white images?

The set of photographs I deliver will be a mixture of colour and black and white, unless they are requested to be black and white only. The original digital images are shot in colour. Many of them look more interesting or have a bigger impact as monochrome, so I convert these to black and white. More questions and answers about photos.

Where are you based? Do you travel?

I am based in Edinburgh, Scotland; however I am happy to travel anywhere in the world for a wedding. I have photographed couples from Scotland, England, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, Italy, Nepal, Canada and Hungary. I love travelling and experiencing other cultures.

How do we get our photos?

Images can be downloaded from your password protected online gallery. I typically work for about 2-3 weeks on the set of images I provide. The private password protected online gallery provides multiple viewing, downloading and print ordering options.

Do you offer books and albums?

Yes, of course. I offer a range of high quality hand made matted and fine art albums Find more album related questions and answers here.

Can we meet you before the wedding to discuss our plans?

Yes of course. Meeting before the wedding is highly beneficial for both sides. Regardless as to whether you have already booked me or not, I love having a chat about wedding photography, the unique requests you may have and all the questions you will surely have. We can run through your plans for the day and we get to know each other at the same time. Meeting is non-obligatory and free of charge.

General questions about Wedding Photography

How should we choose a wedding photographer?

You should choose your wedding photographer based on their specific wedding photography style and artistic direction. Photographs are one of the very few things that will serve as a reminder of your special day long after the wedding. It is important that you you get on well with your photographer and you are happy with the photographic style and approach he or she represents.

How not to choose a wedding photographer?

Don’t choose a wedding photographer based on their prices or their equipment. The exact amount of money you pay for photography will become irrelevant very soon after the wedding, but the photographs will stay for decades, especially if you get them printed. Equipment is not overly important in photography either. Good photographers choose tools, not brands.

Documentary, reportage, photojournalistic. What do these phrases mean?

These words describe a genre in photography. They are not really styles; they refer more to the approach of capturing the image rather than to the visual style of the photographs. Reporters provide news, journalists write articles. Translated to the visual language of photography, this means telling a story in pictures. Documentaries are real stories interpreted through an individual's perspective. In documentary photography, the story is the wedding and the interpreter is the photographer.

What is your style of photography?

The moments that are unique to your special day and describe it best are the flow of events that happen from heartbeat to heartbeat. By capturing these moments I create a visual narrative of your wedding, which will spark memories for years to come. My aim is to capture a naturally unfolding story. I never ask anyone to pose, although I do accommodate posed shots if requested to. At a wedding I usually spend most of my time as a quiet observer. You can read more about my approach here. My gallery and blog should also give you a taste of my photographic style. I like to keep everything natural and clear.

About my Services

Do you work internationally?

Yes, I have shot destination weddings and I am ready to travel anywhere.

Do you shoot weddings only?

Predominantly, yes. However, I can also be commissioned to document engagements, honeymoons, christenings, other special occasions and also more ordinary occasions. I love people and travelling.

Do you offer engagement sessions?

Yes, I do engagement sessions and I like to keep them close to my style, natural and relaxed.

Do you have an assistant or second photographer?

I mainly photograph weddings on my own, and I am very confident and comfortable working that way. However, if you are having a large wedding with lots of guest, it is advisable to have a second photographer for an even better coverage. This can easily be arranged.

Do you do a pre-wedding site visit?

Yes. I generally visit your chosen wedding location at least once before the wedding. I can also attend the wedding rehearsal, which is a good opportunity to inspect the location and to have a talk with the minister.

How long does it take until I can see my photographs?

It normally takes 3 weeks to deliver. Once the images are ready, I send a link and a password to your private online gallery. Here you can view images, watch the slideshow, and create favourite sets for yourself. Ordering prints and wide range of other products are also available.

How do my family and guests order prints from our wedding?

Ordering prints from the online gallery is made simple and convenient. You don't have to bring images on a CD or a drive to a print shop, prints can be ordered online and delivered to your door. Just send the gallery link and password to friends and family.

What equipment do you use?

I use professional digital and film cameras, each with multiple lenses. I prefer not to use a flash, but it is always with me in case a situation requires it. I normally have at least two cameras on me on the day, with another two in my bag. These serve as backups or as alternative options for best capturing different situations. I use the tool that will best suit the task.

When do you start and finish?

I believe that documentary photography is about understanding and recording the full story of the wedding day. I normally start with the preparations in the morning and I photograph until the late evening to ensure I capture all the important moments throughout the day. I also provide hourly-based packages for couples who, for any reasons, don't need full day coverage.

Do you provide a written contract?

Yes. A written contract that assures both parties is natural and essential. It will give you peace of mind, which is important in helping you to enjoy the build up to your big day.


Why do you like black and white photographs?

Black and white photographs help the viewer to sense the essence of what is happening. Not having colours that may be associated with feelings and moods, monochrome images have the potential ability to interpret the story better. From this aspect, they work just like the human imagination. We tend to remember things how they happened, rather than how they looked. Monochrome photos can also resolve any issues arising from unflatteringly garish or dull lighting, which could potentially spoil a fantastic shot, irrespective of the type of camera used.

Do you shoot digital or film?

Both. It all depends on the situation. I love film photography, therefore I take both digital and film cameras to weddings. Both digital and film have their own advantages. I often take photos of the same scene with digital and film cameras. Film has a look that is hard to beat, however digital gives an instant indication of how images look. I am happy to shoot a whole wedding on film if the couple loves film as much as I do.

Do you edit all your photos?

Yes, every image is fully edited by me. I deliver print-ready high-resolution photographs that are copy-write-free for personal use.

How many images do we get?

There is no limitation on how many photos I deliver. I prefer quality over quantity. Having dozens of images of the same scene doesn't tell the story better than a series of strong images with all scenes represented in the set. I typically deliver 400+ photographs from a full day’s coverage.

How long do you keep images for?

I keep images in my digital archive backed up on multiple drives offline and online as long as I can maintain this system, which is not forever but hopefully for decades.

Will you take portraits of just the two of us?

If you would like a number of portraits to be taken, then I’ll be delighted to capture them for you. At a time that suits your itinerary, we can steal away from the reception for a breath of fresh air. While you enjoy your very first private moments together as a wedded couple, I’ll discreetly take a few shots. I prefer this portrait method to taking more formally posed photos to encapsulate the moment and your feelings in a natural way.

Travel, Costs

Are there any additional costs?

If your wedding is going to take place far from Edinburgh, I may require accommodation for the evening before the wedding to make sure I don't get held up by the traffic on my way to the wedding on the day.

How do you charge for travel and accommodation?

Regardless of the location, travel expenses only apply when the cost is over £50. Prices are quoted on an individual basis. With weddings, travel and accommodation cost can be kept to the minimum as tickets and hotels can be booked many months before the actual date.

Albums, Books

Can I customise my wedding album?

During the editing process, I naturally create a set of photographs that I think would make a good album. If you wish to have a book or album, I can show the preview of this design to you conveniently online. If you like it, we can go ahead with the order, or you can suggest changes if you have favourite photographs that you wish to be included.

Are your wedding albums designed by you?

I design all my albums myself to ensure that they accurately reflect each wedding I photograph. I use only the best companies; which produce quality wedding albums to complement my photographs. All printing is done by professional labs.

How many images are in my album?

This depends on the album and options you choose. The main factors are the size of the album and the number of its pages. In my experience, an album can comfortably and elegantly contain about 2-3 times more photographs than its pages. This gives the images authority, space to breath and lets them speak for themselves.

Other questions

Do you require food and drink on the day?

Thank you for asking! Although I am happy to bring my own food, sometimes this is not a practical or a beneficial choice. A plate of hot food can be a lifesaver and keep me going to work hard for you. Please keep in mind that should you choose to kindly provide food, it is best timed for me to eat when all the wedding party is having their main course, so I can finish my food and be back in the main room before the speeches have begun. I like being discreetly around the couple, amongst the guests all the time, which is, after all, why I am there.

What happens if you are ill?

I have never missed a wedding to date, but of course nobody can guarantee I will never be ill in the future. I am in touch with a whole network of wedding photographers who work in a similar style to me. Should the occasion ever arise that I was unable to make a wedding, I would do everything in my power to get the wedding covered by a trusted, professional colleague.

What happens if it rains?

Rain is water. Water is life. Life is good. Don't worry. I will simply adapt. I use professional equipment that is weather sealed and capable in low light. Your photographs will not be compromised.